Course overview

Did you always wonder how to use a palette knife? This is your chance to learn this amazing painting technique. You will take your painting skills to greater heights by adding texture and dynamism in your paintings. You will learn the different styles of paintings you can do using a knife.Imaginations have no boundaries! 


Course Outline:

  1. Using a palette knife. 
  2. Different techniques of using the palette knife. 
  3. Making impressionist style of painting. 
  4. Making lines and marks using a knife. Making different textures and backgrounds. 
  5.  Portraits will include a butterfly, mountains, tree of life, one abstract, ocean, and flowers.



  1. A4 size acrylic paper or 25 x 30 cm sized canvas (any size closer would do). 
  2. A set of palette knives. 
  3. Brushes (Flat brush (1 or 1.5 inch), round brush (Size 2, 6), fine-tip brush (Size 0). 
  4. A piece of art sponge. 
  5. Set of acrylic paints. 
  6. Pencil, eraser and ruler. 
  7. Water can. 
  8. Paper towels.
  • Total Duration: 8 Classes
  • Duration per Class: 1 hour
  • Class per Week: 2
  • Seats per Batch: 10
  • Course Fee AED 325
Students testimonials
Tasnim Musta ali

"The challenging techniques of using palette knife in painting, was taught in a very simplified manner, at the same time holding on to the interest of the children."

Tasnim Musta ali Course: PALETTE KNIFE PAINTING