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Critical Thinking, communication, creativity, Collaboration, Tech- literacy & Leadership are the building blocks required to survive & thrive in todays competitive Information age.

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Developing respectful relationships focusing on the learner’s involvement in decision making and problem solving.

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Upon completion of every course, you are awarded with a certificate.

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More than 80% of parents have recognized that there is significant gap between their child’s interest in learning about future technologies and skills –and their preparedness for the jobs of the future (Veraquest, 2018). Through SKILLS53 students and their families explore core concepts from different fields and skills to analyze, solve problems in their communities and have the opportunity to enter their ideas into a global competition.

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What is SKILLS53?

SKILLS53 is a perfect source of inspiration to fuel curiosity, creativity, and perseverance while learning about language, Arts and technology that will drive the future. Each learner is unique and achiever in themselves. We are a leading online learning platform that helps anyone and everyone learn language, business, software, technology, creative skills to achieve personal educational and professional goals. Our students have access to engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts from all around the world. We are committed to deliver up to date content with the ever changing needs of the society. Take a foot forward with us towards a brighter future.

About skills53

About our training sessions

Yeah, you heard it right! Our training sessions are live, interactive and collaborative. This is the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and expertise of highly professional and experienced trainers. Our priority is complete support and individual attention to all the learners. Real-life examples, case studies and hands-on practice makes you industry ready.

The Global Leader in Online Learning

SKILLS53 is leading education provider in USA, UK, UAE, India, Pakistan, Tanzania and counting. We take pride imparting education to students from varied rich culture and backgrounds.

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