Reading the Quran online
Reading the Quran online

Course overview

This is a step-by-step course designed for beginners who are eager to read the Quran via its Arabic script.


Course Outline:

  • Level 1

Reading Al-fatiha

Reading from Naas to Nasr (with tajweed)

  • Level 2

Reading from Al-kaaferun to Al-balad (with tajweed)

  • Level 3

Reading from Al-fajr to Al-naba (with tajweed)

**If the student is aggressive in learning, all classes will be conducted according to their personal pace irrespective of what the curriculum states

  • Total Duration: 26 Classes
  • Duration per Class: 45-50 Min
  • Seats per Batch: 2-4 Seats
Students testimonials

"The online Skills53 Arabic course has been a great road thus far to learning the Arabic language. While remaining in the comforts of our home, a certified and highly educated teacher is able to deliver a great online platform of learning. The instructor ensures every student is given equal amounts of time. This class has been a wonderful learning opportunity"

Mustafa & Insiya Sunelwala - Dallas (USA) Course: Reading the Quran online