Arabic Language (beginner)
Arabic Language (beginner)

Course overview

Learn Spoken and written Arabic Language.

Exposing children to a foreign or second language at an early age helps them develop an “ear” for the language and achieve better pronunciation and fluency later in life. Children that speak more than one language learn to negotiate meaning as a crucial part of communicating in more than one language system. This also helps them with problem-solving tasks, and gives children the ability to seek different approaches to solve a problem. Research shows that there is a relation between bilingualism and several abilities, including the ability to thing abstractly about language and think nonverbally.

We recognize that choosing an Arabic language class for your child is an important decision.

Course Content

  • Introduction to shapes and sounds of Arabic letters, numbers & colors.
  • The long and short vowels
  • Three and four-letter words and picture recognition
  • Recognition of script, greetings, introductions, personal data, expressions, time, days of the week
  • Informally introduces grammar – singular pronouns and possessive pronouns; engages students in conversation about personal data, school life, family members etc.
  • Total Duration: 26 Classes
  • Duration per Class: 45-50 Min
  • Seats per Batch: 5
Students testimonials
Aliasgher Joozar Najmi

"My journey towards learning Arabic language with skills53 has been great. The program is very well designed in the interest of students and the teachers are very thorough."

Aliasgher Joozar Najmi Course: Arabic Language (beginner)