Course overview

Learning acrylic painting is both exciting and rewarding. With the guidance from a professional artist, students will adopt and develop painting skills. The instructor is also trained in communication skills, helping children learn with step-by-step guidance to easily follow and enjoy. This course is perfect for kids to begin their artistic journey into creative thinking and expressions. 


Course Outline

  1. Understanding of different colour schemes and how to use limited colour palette.
  2. Colour mixing techniques.
  3. Varied subjects popular with kids like unicorns, animal, landscapes, galaxy figures, abstract, and characters.
  4. Different techniques like underpainting, blocking in, washes, gradient, glazing, stippling, splattering, sgraffito, dry brushing, building up texture.
  5. Brush techniques like outlining, blending, double loading, radiating, impressionist brush strokes, single stroke painting, etc.
  6. Basic understanding of different types of brushes to use like round brush, flat brush, liner brush.



  1. A4 size acrylic paper or 25 x 30 cm sized canvas (any size closer would do). 
  2. Brushes (Flat brush (1 or 1.5 inch), round brush (Size 2, 6), fine-tip brush (Size 0). 
  3. A piece of art sponge. 
  4. A set of acrylic paints.  
  5. Pencil, eraser, ruler. 
  6. Water can. 
  7. Paper towels. 
  8. Small piece of cardboard. 
  • Total Duration: 8 Classes
  • Duration per Class: 1 hour
  • Class per Week: 2
  • Seats per Batch: 10
  • Course Fee AED 323
Students testimonials
Tasnim Musta ali

"The different uses of this medium of painting was given a very interesting and novel dimension to it."

Tasnim Musta ali Course: ACRYLIC PAINTING