Acrylic Painting
Acrylic Painting

Course overview

Learning painting is both exciting and rewarding. With the guidance from a professional artist, students will adopt and develop painting skills. The instructor is also trained in communication skills, helping children learn with step-by-step guidance to easily follow and enjoy. This course is perfect for kids to begin their artistic journey into creative thinking and expressions. 


Course Outline

  • Understanding of different colour schemes and how to use limited colour palette.
  • Colour mixing techniques.
  • Brush techniques like outlining, blending, double loading, radiating, impressionist brush strokes, single stroke painting, etc.
  • Basic understanding of different types of brushes to use like round brush, flat brush, liner brush.



  • A4 size acrylic paper or 25 x 30 cm sized canvas (any size closer would do). 
  • Brushes (Flat brush (1 or 1.5 inch), round brush (Size 2, 6), fine-tip brush (Size 0). 
  • A piece of art sponge.   
  • Pencil, eraser, ruler. 
  • Water can. 
  • Total Duration: 8 Classes
  • Duration per Class: 1 hour
  • Seats per Batch: 10
Students testimonials
Tasnim Musta ali

"The different uses of this medium of painting was given a very interesting and novel dimension to it."

Tasnim Musta ali Course: Acrylic Painting