Calligraphy Workshop
Calligraphy Workshop

Course overview

What you are going to learn in Chancery Italic Basic Calligraphy? 

  • Difference between calligraphy and normal handwriting. 
  • Understanding the calligraphy tools. 
  • Knowing your script. 
  • Learning the basic anatomy of each and every letter. 
  • Identifying and learning about groups of similar-looking letters. 
  • Formation of each & every letter. 
  • Numeric. 
  • Spacing: letter spacing, word spacing. 
  • Paragraph writing. 
  • Alignment: Central, Left & Right alignment. 
  • Letter flourishing. 
  • Assignments will be given to all students to help their skills grow. 

Material List for Chancery Italic Calligraphy 

  • 4-line book 
  • Chisel Marker 
  • Pencil/ Ruler/ Eraser 
  • Carpenter Pencil (Great if available) 
  • A4 size unruled Papers: 10 (Preferably White or Pastel Colors) 
  • Total Duration: 10 Classes
  • Duration per Class: 2 Hour
  • Seats per Batch: 10
Students testimonials
Jamila Hatim

"One of the most beneficial courses by Skills53 that I got to attend was the calligraphy course. The manner in which the chancery script was taught by the expert tutor was really very interesting and with very clear instructions too. Our interest has truly been sparked to learn other scripts as well if and when offered by Skills53."

Jamila Hatim Course: Calligraphy Workshop
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